Who We Are

Navin Sasikumar

Navin is a birder and amateur naturalist who loves iNaturalist and its ability to document and study the biodiversity of urban areas. He loves figuring out how to grow wildlife-friendly gardens in tiny city backyards and balconies.  Professionally, he is a software developer and likes finding ways to combine nature with technology, hence his passion for iNaturalist. He is the secretary of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club and also chairs its Communications and DEI committees.

Bernard Brown

Bernard (Billy) Brown co-hosts the Philly-based Urban Wildlife Podcast. He also writes urban natural history articles for Grid Magazine and is the Philadelphia coordinator for the Pennsylvania Amphibian and Reptile Survey, a state-backed citizen science effort to catalog Pennsylvania’s reptiles and amphibians.

Robin Irizarry

Robin is an avid birder and all around wildlife enthusiast, with a background in environmental education and ecological landscape design. When he’s not birding or uploading photos of bugs to iNaturalist he’s usually carving spoons and bird figurines out of wood. He also enjoys sketching and digital art and has designed a number of the graphics for Wildlife Observer Network’s podcasts which he hosts as well. @Fiddleheadtoys @turdusirizarry

Tony Croasdale

Samantha Bucciarelli

Sam is a 23 year old student naturalist and tour guide. She organizes events for the Philadelphia Mycology Club and volunteers with the North American Mycoflora Project as part of their media outreach and graphics team.

Sandi Vincenti

Sandi has spent the last 21 years teaching, directing, and advocating for the importance of early childhood,  environmental education, and nature. Helping discover the beautiful balance of both of these loves, the journey began at the Philadelphia Zoo as the Conservation Coordinator, Children, and Family Programs, followed by a push forward, carving paths in a few varied learning, teaching, directing, and board roles. Sandi is now proudly the co-founder and nature nerd behind A Child’s Inspiration: Wildlife Discovery Garden, the Nature Heroes, and Philly Nature (phillynature.org), and in always remaining a passionate life-long-learner, a Master Naturalist, a Master Watershed Steward, a Grounded Kids instructor, board member of Arcadia Commons, and president of the Friends of Penn Treaty Park on the Delaware River.

Kathryn Christopher

Kathryn Christopher has a background in environmental science, and is currently manager of science communication and outreach at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. Her work centers on connecting Academy science and scientists with the public through writing, outreach and programming. In her off time, she enjoys honing her skills as a gardener and naturalist, and appreciates hiking partners who don’t mind that she stops every few minutes to admire and photograph things along the trail. 

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